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Publikation in Sustainability

Das Journal Sustainability hat das Paper "ESG Ratings and Stock Performance during the COVID-19 Crisis" veröffentlicht.


We investigate the association between Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings and stock performance during the COVID-19 crisis. Although there is mixed evidence in the literature whether ESG is valuable in times of crisis, we find high ESG-rated European firms to be associated with higher abnormal returns and lower stock volatility. After decomposing ESG into its separate components, we find the social score to be the predominant driver of our results. Further, we argue that ESG is value-enhancing in low-trust countries, and in countries with poorer security regulations and where lower disclosure standards prevail.



Engelhardt, N., Ekkenga, J., & Posch, P. (2021). ESG Ratings and Stock Performance during the COVID-19 Crisis. Sustainability13(13), 7133.


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