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Competence Profiles for Bachelor Students

Competence profiles enable the students to tailor their studies to their personal interests and strengths, preparing them for their future careers.

Students may choose from a total of six profiles. Within the selected profile, students then attend five courses. At least one course must be chosen from business administration and one from economics. In addition, they chose seminars from module 11 and their bachelor's thesis from within the competence profile. Each competence profile is complemented by civil law and business English.

Course of studies profile study with competence profile as PDF

A more detailed overview of the study plan and the modules can be found in the module handbook.

Choosing a Competence Profile

The Students can choose a competence profile to match their individual strengths and areas of interest. More detailed information on the individual profiles is linked here. An overview of the courses offered by the respective professorships within a competence profile can be found on the last pages of the module handbook.

Competence Profile Matching areas of interest and strengths
Business Analytics and Operations Management
  • Analyzing, modeling, and solving problems in procurement, production, logistics, and distribution planning in companies and supply chains as well as in financial markets.
  • Systematic analysis of data and decision contexts and creation of forecasts
  • Formal modeling of business optimization tasks
  • Applying and developing algorithms for data analysis and optimization
  • Independently developing solutions
Data, Decisions, Economic Policy
  • Learning methods of data science/econometrics and their application to business and economic issues.
  • Systematics of economic decisions (e.g. pricing, design of employment contracts, organization of the production process)
  • Understanding of economic issues, e.g. in the field of public finance and fiscal policy (such as determinants and consequences of taxation), labor markets, structural change, internationalization, regional development, financial markets and more
  • Interest in economic issues from a societal perspective
  • Enjoyment in learning theoretical and empirical methods, including relevant examples of how these are applied in practice
Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation
  • Accounting and business planning
  • Controlling
  • Management consulting
  • Investment banking and corporate treasury
  • Tax consulting
  • Auditing and internal audit
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Industrial companies
  • Service and trading companies
  • Risk management
Financial Markets and Financial Economics
  • Interest in complex interaction between the world of finance with the overall economy
  • Good mathematical and analytical skills
  • Enjoy working with quantitative models
  • Practical approach to working and applying what you learn to real-world financial problems
  • Interest in excellent internship opportunities and career options in the financial industry
Global Management, Marketing, and Human Resources
  • Strategic management with a focus on technology and innovation.
  • International and intercultural management/marketing/human resource management (e.g. recruitment)
  • Consumer and customer behavior research
  • Leadership and marketing with a digital orientation (e.g. multi-channel concepts; digital leadership)
  • Selection, development and leadership of employees (e.g. coaching and training)
  • Practice-oriented courses with a global perspective
Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Digitalization
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Digitalization
  • New business models and organizational change
  • Handling and analysis of data
  • close connection between studies and practice
  • Desire for international contacts as well as semesters and internships abroad
  • internship, Erasmus semester, internship abroad

Change to Competence Profiles

Students who were already enrolled prior to winter semester 2023/24 and have already chosen a specialization for their studies, have the one-time option to switch to a competence profile in the winter semester (more information here). Application will be possible from October 1, 2023. Students thinking about such a step are strongly recommended to get in touch for study counseling with either the Departmental Examinations Office or Dr. Jessica Donato.

Guidance and Information

In case of any further questions, students can contact Jessica Donato, the department's Manager for Studies and Teaching, or the Departmental Examinations Office.