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Getting Ready to Say Goodbye!

As the semester comes to a close, and your stay in Dortmund as well unless you are staying for a further semester, it will be time to prepare for going home.

Transcript of Records

The transcript of records gives an overview of the courses you took during your Erasmus semester. Grades for written and oral examinations at our department are directly forwarded to the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator. For all other grades, please ask your lecturers to pass these on.

If you have taken language courses, please forward the certificate to the coordinator to have these courses included in your transcript of records.

When the transcript is complete, it will be sent to you via email. Once you have verified that all information is complete and correct, it will then be signed, stamped and sent to you and your coordinator at your home university. It is also possible to collect a signed and stamped paper version from the office of the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator.

Certificate of Attendance

The Certificate of Attendance can be filled out by the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator or the International Office. If you have a document from your home university to be filled out, this can be used and signed by the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator. Otherwise, please contact the International Office, who can provide you with a certificate.

FAQs on TOR and COAs

Below you will find answers to the most common questions asked about Transcripts of Records and Certificates of Attendance.

Yes, these can be included. Please ensure that you forward the certificate for the language course to your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator.

Yes, if you took an exam, presentation, or coursework and failed the course, it will be listed on your Transcript of Records.  If you registered for an exam and didn't participate, it will count as a fail.

If you did not attend and dropped the course, it may be possible to adjust the Learning Agreement in consultation with your home university. Then the course will not be listed in the transcript of records.