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General Information on Exams

Examination Period of the Department

During winter semesters, the examinations in the main examination period will take place during the last week of the lecture period. Examinations in the second examination phase may take place during the last week of the semester break in both winter and summer semesters.

Wristwatches during Exams

As of the main examination period in the summer semester 2016, the carrying of all types of digital wristwatches on the body or at the workplace during the exam period is prohibited. Watches that are clearly analog may still be used. However, these may not be worn on the body, but must be kept on the work desk during the exam period.

The carrying of digital wristwatches at the workplace will be considered as disturbing the examor, if applicable, as attempting to cheat as outlined by the examination regulations.

Cell Phones during Exams (Attempted Cheating)

During the meeting on May 23, 2001, the Examination Committee decided on the following regulation, effective as of the fall 2001 examination date:

Cell phones may only be carried in the examination hall when switched off and out of reach (e.g. in a bag in another row of chairs).

Exam Aid Dictionary

As of the examination period spring 2000, bound foreign language dictionaries are permitted as examination aids. The dictionaries must not contain any handwritten notes. The examiners have been informed of this.

Calculator in Examinations (Attempted Cheating)

With effect from May 27, 1988, electronic calculators are permitted as examination aids only insofar as they obviously cannot be misused to cheat. Accordingly, programmable calculators with the ability to save texts are not admissible.

If you have any further questions regarding examinations, please contact the Departmental Examinations Office.