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The Department of Business and Economics

The two elements of research and teaching are the cornerstones of our department, comprised of 29 research and teaching areas representing the breadth and depth of business administration and economics.

Our study programs offer a modern economic education with innovative teaching methods and research-oriented specializations. They are built on the concept of inquiry-based and participatory learning.

Our research is based on methodological diversity, interdisciplinarity and theoretical grounding. We have strong research expertise in management, finance and economic theory. In particular, two research clusters bundle our research activities: empirical economic research as well as entrepreneurship and technology/innovation management (TIE) and digital transformation.

We see ourselves as a team.

The success of our department is dependent on us all. The students, the student council, the deans' office team, the committees, the doctoral students, professors, secretaries and technical staff. Together, we shape our department.

We see ourselves as researchers who make the world more informed with their groundbreaking findings in the field of economic research.

We see ourselves as companions preparing students for their future careers.

Our department is committed to the advancement of women, to equal opportunities, family and diVerSiTy.

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