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Preliminary Courses


Pre-course Mathematics (in German)

For the Bachelor's program in Business Administration Economics, a preliminary course in mathematics is offered every year in September. This course goes over the most important mathematical knowledge from school relevant to the course Mathematics for Economists. The pre-course is particularly aimed at students who wish to refresh and/or improve their knowledge of mathematics. Participation is voluntary. All information on the preliminary course can be found on TU Dortmund University's learning platform Moodle.

Event series „Von Anfang an richtig“ (right from the start, in German)

This series of pre-courses serves to prepare students for their studies and offer them the opportunity to get to know campus life and, of course, their fellow students. It focuses not only on subject-related support, but also on self-awareness and learning skills - two important competencies within the study program. Within the lectures, the focus is on answering the questions:

  • What learning strategies are there?
  • How do I organize my time?
  • How should I go about my studies?

More Information can be found on the pages of "Von Anfang an richtig"  (German only)


Pre-course Econometrics (in German)

For the Master's in Business Administration and Economics, a preliminary course in mathematics and statistics lasting several days is offered each semester at the beginning of lectures. The aim of the preliminary course is to learn or refresh previous knowledge in mathematics and statistics, which is required for the compulsory module "Econometrics", but also for other mathematically or statistically oriented modules of the Master's program. In addition to a daily lecture, tutorials are also offered. In these, the lecture content is repeated in smaller groups and practiced through exercises. Participation in the preliminary course is voluntary. Registration is not required. Further information on preliminary courses will be published in sufficient time before the start of lectures.