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Economics Seminar

The TU Dortmund Economics Seminar takes place Mondays from 4:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Room 127 (Vogelpothsweg 87, first floor). Feel free to contact ewf.wiwitu-dortmundde for any questions.

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15 January 2024 Niklas Hübner  


Date Presenter Title
2 October 2023 First week of term -- no seminar  
9 October 2023 Javier Miranda (IWH Halle) Declining Business Dynamism in Europe: The Role of Shocks, Market Power, and Technology
16 October 2023 Almut Balleer (RWTH Aachen) Minimum wages, wage dispersion and financial constraints in firms
23 October 2023 HSL / FKR Week -- no seminar  
30 October 2023 Daniel Neukirchen How Does Corporate Culture Influence IPO Pricing?
6 November 2023 Marcel Vögele Local Labor Market Effects of Early Deindustrialization
13 November 2023 Albrecht Glitz (Pompeu Fabra) Spies (with Milan Quentel and Sekou Keita)
20 November 2023 Arne Uhlendorff (CREST) Consumption Choices and Earnings Expectations: Empirical Evidence and Structural Estimation (with Christian Stoltenberg)
27 November 2023 HSL / FKR Week -- no seminar  
4 December 2023 Michael Kramm Competitive Signal Jamming and Its’ Applications in Economics (joint work with Maximilian Conze, Univ. St. Gallen)
11 December 2023 Maren Kaliske Connecting EU Regions: The Influence of Road Construction on Regional Trade
18 December 2023 Jörg Franke (University of Bath) Strategic Reciprocity in Large Contests
8 January 2024 Eduard Storm (RWI Essen) From Code to Cash: The Impact of AI on Wages (joint with Myrielle Gonschor)
15 January 2024 Niklas Hübner Military Service and Health outcomes in the GDR
22 January 2024    
29 January 2024 HSL / FKR Week -- no seminar