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Teaching and Research Areas

Applied Economics

Prof. Dr. Ludger Linnemann

Business & Information Systems Engineering
(Junior Professorship)

JProf. Dr. Mario Nadj

Digital Transformation

Prof. Dr. Manuel Wiesche

Empirical Economic Research

Prof. Michael Böhm, Ph.D.


Assistant Prof. Dr. Daniela Giménez Jiménez

Entrepreneurship and Digitalisation

Assistant Prof. Dr. Simon Hensellek

Entrepreneurship and Economic Education

Prof. Dr. Andreas Liening


Prof. Dr. Peter N. Posch

Higher Education
(Center for Higher Education)

Prof. Dr. Liudvika Leišytė

Innovation Management

Prof. Dr. Steffen Strese

International Accounting and Auditing

Prof. Dr. Christiane Pott


Prof. Dr. Philip Jung

Management Science

Prof. Dr. Anja Fischer


Prof. Dr. Hartmut H. Holzmüller

(Junior Professorship)

JProf. Dr. N. N.


Dr. Lars Metzger


Prof. Dr. Lukas Buchheim

Public Economics

Prof. Galina Zudenkova, Ph.D.

Production Management and Logistics

Prof. Dr. Ralf Gössinger

Technology & Management

Prof. Dr. Tessa Flatten

Corporate Taxation

Dr. André Jungen

Strategic Management and Leadership

Prof. Dr. Lorenz Graf-Vlachy

Management Accounting and Controlling

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoffjan

Urban, Regional and International Economics

Prof. Dr. Christiane Hellmanzik

Economics 1
(Junior Professorship)

JProf. Dr. Nina Boberg-Fazlić

Economics 2

Assistant Prof. Dr. Matthias Westphal

Business Informatics

Prof. Dr. Richard Lackes

Economic Law

Prof. Dr. N. N.