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Preparing for Your Stay!

You are thinking of coming to TU Dortmund University for an Erasmus+ semester at the Department of Business and Economics? Excellent choice! We are looking forward to welcoming you here. Once you have been nominated by your home university to study here for one or two semesters you will be contacted by our International Office with information on the further application process. You can find out more about this on the International Office website.

Our role here as departmental coordinators is to help you organize the academic part of your stay - your course choices and your learning agreement. You can find a list of the courses held in English below. Currently, we offer a broad range of courses at both bachelor's and master's level.

Learning Agreement

When you have selected your courses, it is time to fill in your learning agreement. Your home university will be able to advise you on how to do that. In most cases, you will fill in your learning agreement, which will then be signed by you and your home university and then sent to us. When we have reviewed your chosen courses, we will then sign it for you as well. Sometimes documents are used, in which case you can email your learning agreement to us: erasmus.wiwitu-dortmundde.

Below, we have listed the most common questions regarding the choice of courses and the learning agreement. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Yes, you can. However, it is important to remember that these courses are aimed towards master's students and will thus presume prior understanding and knowledge of methods. We recommend only choosing master's courses if you have already completed some bachelor's courses on that topic previously.

While Erasmus students can of course participate in seminars, we cannot guarantee a space in these in advance. Generally, spaces for seminars are allocated after lectures have ended in the previous semester, about two months before the new semester begins. If you would like to take a seminar during your stay here, please contact us and we will put your name down as interested in a space in that seminar. We will then be able to let you know if a space is available before your stay. If seminars are included in the learning agreement, we will always put a note that participation in the seminar is subject to the availability of spaces.

Sometimes, a course choice you made before coming does not work out - maybe the course is cancelled, is simply not what you thought it would be or you would rather change to a different course that better reflects your interests. No problem! Simply contact us, letting us know which course you would like to change. If you can switch to that course, you can fill in Table A2 in your learning agreement in the section "During the mobility". We will then sign this for you. Do not forget to also check with your home university.

Yes, in general this is possible. However, at least 50% of your courses must be from our department. Also, this is dependent on the availability of spaces and the agreement of the lecturer of the course you wish to choose. For a list of courses from other departments check the list put together by the International Office.

Requests for courses from other faculties must be discussed in advance with the Erasmus coordinator

Please note: Questions about examinations and examination dates for courses from other departments must be discussed with the coordinators and lecturers of the respective department/course. The examination dates of the individual departments are planned separately and an overlap cannot be ruled out.

Yes, that is possible. The same limitations apply as for our department's Erasmus students - participation in seminars and some courses with a restricted number of spaces cannot be guaranteed. Please always contact the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator. You will also then be added to our email lists and receive relevant information on exams and so on.

To take part in written and oral exams at the end of the semester please also contact the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator no later than three weeks prior to the exam (or the beginning of the examination period for oral exams. You will then be registered for the exams.

Yes, there are several language courses on offer at TU Dortmund University. Ther is also a 4-week German Intensive Course specifically offered for exchange students in September and March. These courses are free and open to all students, including exchange students. For more information you can check the information provided by the International Office.

Please note that apart from the Intensive German Course for international students, we cannot include any language courses in the Learning Agreement. However, they can be entered in the Transcript of Records.

Yes, this is possible. The same limitations for master's courses and seminars as for courses held in English apply. A language level of at least B2 is recommended. You can find a list of courses offered in the module handbooks for bachelor's and master's courses.

The course list for the new academic year is generally pubslihed in the second half of the previous semester. However, most courses will generally be offered every semester, so you can check for potential courses using the list from a previous winter or summer semester.