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Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation


Welcome to the world of numbers! The FACT competence profile offers a comprehensive business education and focuses on the areas of finance, internal and external accounting, corporate planning and management (controlling) and taxation from the very first semester.

In this competence profile, all important commercial decisions that typically arise in the finance department of a company are addressed. The qualification also aims to raise awareness of the impact of social and environmental changes that will influence future corporate developments. These include, in particular, the use of new technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, big data analytics) and corporate social responsibility.

In finance, students will learn how to evaluate financial market data and gain insights into finance, risk management and financial markets. They will look at financial transactions, forms of financing, analyze capital market structures and also discuss capital market-oriented sustainability and digitalization topics. Accounting teaches the fundamentals of posting a company's payment transactions, reporting to internal and external corporate audiences. It covers disclosing financial and non-financial corporate information, whether this is legally required or voluntarily published. Students will also learn how to verify the accuracy, legality and reliability of this information.

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The controlling area prepares students for the planning, management and control of entrepreneurial activities. They will become intensively familiar with important instruments of practical controlling: budgeting, cost and performance accounting, and performance measurement. Furthermore, they will get to know the common digital solutions used in controlling (ERP systems, BI solutions, etc). In the area of taxation, students will learn about various types of taxes (especially those that tax income or profit) as well as tax accounting. In addition, basic knowledge of all common legal forms of civil and commercial law is taught.

The FACT competence profile is characterized by a strong practical orientation. Numerous cooperations with companies from industry, the auditing and consulting sector or information technology enable students to gain insights into their future employers during their studies. Students also have the opportunity to take part in additional training courses and collect certificates, for example in the use of ERP software.

Is this Competence Profile a Good Fit?

This competency profile is a good choice for students interested in the following areas:

  • Accounting and business planning
  • Controlling
  • Management consulting
  • Investment banking and corporate treasury
  • Tax consulting
  • Auditing and internal audit
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Industrial companies
  • Service and trading companies
  • Risk management
  • Tax consulting

Professorships Taking Part in the Competence Profile

In the competence profile Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation, students can choose lectures and seminars from these professorships. The final thesis can only be completed at one of these professorships. It should be noted that not all courses offered by a professorships will belong to a specific competence profile. A detailed overview can be found at the end of the module handbook.

  • Applied Economics
  • Finance
  • International Accounting and Auditing
  • Management Science
  • Public Economics
  • Human Resource Development and Change Management
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Management Accounting and Controlling

Spokespersons for the Competence Profile

Career Prospects

Examples for careers that would be suited to graduates with this competency profile include:

  • Careers in the finance and insurance industry, for example in investment banking, financial management or as a finance analyst
  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Project management
  • Auditor and internal auditing
  • Risk analyst
  • Tax consultancies
  • Treasurer
  • Management consultancies
  • Executive assistant

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