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Global Management, Marketing, and Human Resources


The competence profile Global Management, Marketing, and Human Resources provides students with theory-based and practice-oriented knowledge and skills to manage companies and employees in a globalized world. All participating professorships emphasize innovative teaching and intensive interaction with practitioners, for example in the context of guest lectures and practical projects.

In the areas of strategic and international management, tools and methods are taught with which companies and their environment can be strategically analyzed, strategies developed, and entrepreneurial decisions made and successfully implemented, including in an international context. In particular, innovation, digitalization, internationalization and market entry strategies are considered.

Marketing training focuses on market analysis, customer research, strategy development and planning of marketing measures as well as their control in internationally active companies. Students acquire key qualifications that enable them to handle complex decision-making situations, including in intercultural contexts, and in a constantly changing environment. The relevant concepts and methods of (international) marketing theory and practice are covered, training students to analyze opportunities and risks, develop suitable marketing strategies and measures, and devise appropriate control mechanisms.

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In the area of human resource management, students are taught extensive competencies, for example in the areas of personnel selection, development, controlling and management. Students are thus well prepared to optimally support employees in a changing, digital working world. They learn how to sustainably develop employees' performance and satisfaction in organizations. Central methods of human resource management such as employee surveys or employee testing are practiced and reflected on with their practical use and implementation in mind.

In line with the international orientation of the competence profile, several courses are also offered in English. This allows for training the linguistic competence necessary for working in internationally active medium-sized companies and corporations. The profile provides an excellent basis for careers in exporting companies locally and as expatriates abroad.

Is this Competence Profile a Good Fit?

This competency profile is a good choice for students interested in the following areas:

  • Strategic management with a focus on technology and innovation.
  • International and intercultural management/marketing/human resource management (e.g. recruitment)
  • Consumer and customer behavior research
  • Leadership and marketing with a digital orientation (e.g. multi-channel concepts; digital leadership)
  • Selection, development and leadership of employees (e.g. coaching and training)
  • Practice-oriented courses with a global perspective

Professorships Taking Part in the Competence Profile

In the competence profile Global Management, Marketing, and Human Resources, students can choose lectures and seminars from the following professorships. The final thesis can only be completed at one of these professorships. It should be noted that not all courses offered by a professorships will belong to a specific competence profile. A detailed overview can be found at the end of the module handbook.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship and Digitalization
  • Higher Education
  • Innovation Management
  • Macroeconomics
  • Marketing
  • Methods
  • Microeconomics
  • Public Economics
  • Human Resources Development and Change Management
  • Technology &  Management
  • Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Management Accounting and Controlling

Spokespersons for the Competence Profile

Career Prospects

Examples for careers that would be suited to graduates with this competency profile include:

  • Foundation for a general management career, whether in an international corporation, mid-sized company, or startup
  • Management consulting
  • Business development or strategic (personnel) planning
  • Management of organizational change
  • Strategic innovation management
  • Basis for a human resources or marketing career in business, nonprofit organizations, and public administration.
  • Market analysis, market research and marketing planning
  • Customer and consumer research
  • International marketing management
  • Recruitment or coaching

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