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Presentation of the Teaching Innovation Award 2022/2023

The student representatives of the Committee for Improving the Quality of Teaching have announced the winners of the Teaching Innovation Award 2022/2023 in the categories "E-Learning", "Internationalization" and "Practical Relevance". The awards went to:

in the category of practical relevance: Prof. Dr. Tessa Flatten, Désirée Martinez-Schroeder and Dominik Schmelter for the master's course "Design Thinking". The teaching concept of the very practice-oriented course convinces with innovative methods and individual support; both promote the cooperation of the students excellently.
in the category of internationalization: Prof. Dr. Steffen Strese and Michael Rammert for the bachelor course "Innovation and Growth Management". Exchange students are explicitly integrated into the practice-oriented course, which is extended by guest lectures, and the learning content is conveyed in a very memorable way.
in the category of e-learning: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoffjan and Simon Wahrstötter for the bachelor course "Cost Accounting and Controlling". The competitive concept of the KoCo app motivates students to prepare for exams early; resulting questions are answered in detail during a consultation hour.

The department extends its sincere congratulations to the award winners and encourages all department members to bring suitable courses to the attention of the QVM Commission for the Teaching Innovation Award 2023/2024. Proposals or applications should be sent by email to the head of the QVM Commission.