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Presentation of the Teaching Innovation Award 2021/2022

The student representatives of the Committee for Improving the Quality of Teaching have announced the winners of the Teaching Innovation Award 2021/2022 in the categories "E-Learning", "Internationalization" and "Practical Relevance". The awards went to:

For e-learning: Prof. Dr. Lackes and Dr. Alper Beser for the e-learning game "VBA Garden" ( The project, financed by QVM funds, enables students to learn and deepen their knowledge of the programming language VBA in a playful and visual way.
For e-learning: JProf. Dr. Simon Hensellek for the bachelor course "Digital Entrepreneurship". The use of a Moodle learning package, supports students in developing their own business model.
For practical relevance: Prof. Dr. Manuel Wiesche and Lisa Gussek for the master's course "Digital Work". The use of the flipped classroom model as well as digital tools (Mentimeter and Miro) contributes a lot to the interactivity of the course. Students could be integrated on site and from home alike.

The department extends its sincere congratulations to the award winners and encourages all department members to bring suitable courses to the attention of the QVM Commission for the Teaching Innovation Award 2022/2023. Proposals or applications should be sent by email to the head of the QVM Commission.