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Presentation of the Teaching Innovation Award 2020/2021

The student representatives of the Committee for Improving the Quality of Teaching have announced the winners of the Teaching Innovation Award 2020/2021 in the categories "E-Learning", "Internationalization" and "Practical Relevance". The awards went to:

For e-learning: Prof. Dr. Steffen Strese with Cécile Wilm and Irina Karthaus for the bachelor course "Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation" (equipping students with tools and frameworks needed to generate and recognize ideas and innovations in the company and then to evaluate, select and finally implement them in the company on the basis of various factors)
For internationalization: Dr. Corinna Schmidt for the bachelor course "International Business" (learning about topics of strategic orientation of multinational, innovative as well as technology-oriented companies)
For practical relevance: Prof. Dr. Tessa Flatten and Anne König for the master course "New innovative Forms of Product Development" (development of a real product prototype to solve a transportation problem using agile problem-solving approaches such as design thinking and novel technologies such as 3-D printing)

The department extends its sincere congratulations to the award winners and encourages all department members to bring suitable courses to the attention of the QVM Commission for the 2021/2022 Teaching Innovation Award. Proposals or applications should be sent by email to the chair of the QVM Commission.