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Gender Equality

Ensuring equality between women and men is an important task for many at TU Dortmund University. Firstly, there is the legally established Central Equal Opportunity Representative and their advisors/ deputies, the departmental Equal Opportunity Comissioners and the Equal Opportunity Commission. In the central administration, the staff unit Equal Opportunities, Family and Diversity is responsible for equality issues.

The Department of Business and Economics seeks to promote equal cooperation between women and men in research, teaching and studies. To this end, it takes measures to improve equal opportunities and the compatibility of career and family. The guidelines on equal opportunities apply to all members of the faculty, i.e. to university professors, scientific and non-scientific staff and students.

The department also continues to strive to increase the number of female professors and the proportion of female academic staff, as well as the associated number of doctorates completed. For talented female students, the path to an academic career should be made more attractive and easier. For the department's female employees and students can apply  for funds from a dedicated fund for the promotion of women  as a means of financial support when travelling to conferences (application form in German). A maximum of € 1,000 per year can be applied for per professorship.


Women in Leadership Positions

To portray women in the workplace, a working paper series called "Dortmunder Beiträge zu Frauen in Führungspositionen (Dortmund Contributions on Women in Leadership Positions) has been published. You can see a full list of these papers in German here.