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Former DAAD-Scholar visits the LfM

Foto von Prof. Sorush Sepehr und Prof. Hartmut H. Holzmüller (Personen von links nach rechts) © Sorush Sepehr​/​University of Technology Sydney

It felt like "coming home" reports Prof. Sorush Sepehr, Ph. D., as he walks across the TU Dortmund campus. Five years ago, Mr. Sepehr was a visiting researcher at the Professorship of Marketing as a doctoral student on a DAAD scholarship. At that time, he worked on questions of acculturation and integration of immigrants from the perspective of consumer behavior using the example of the greater Dortmund region. The guest stay also resulted in an international publication with the cooperation of the team of the Marketing Professorship. Meanwhile, Mr. Sepehr is a Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney. He is mainly engaged in consumer research from a sociological as well as cultural science perspective and will continue to work with the team of the professorship in the future.