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Doctoral Studies

Structured Doctoral Program

In addition to individual supervision, all research and teaching areas of the Department of Business and Economics offer a structured doctoral program. The structured doctoral program supports doctoral students in developing independent scientific work and lays the foundation for the start of an academic career. This helps to ensure that docorates can be completed within an adequate time frame and includes participation in the academic discussion and publication process.

The statutes of the structured doctoral program provide further information (document in German). The doctorate is divided into writing the dissertation, the structured doctoral study program and - as a final examination - the disputation. In addition to the conditions of the doctoral regulations in their current version, the prerequisite for a doctorate at the department is the confirmation of supervision by one of the department's professors.

Good Research Practice Guidelines for Avoiding Conflicts of Interest by the DFG

TU Dortmund University is committed to upholding the principles of good research practice. Good research practice is strongly based in the fact that researchers continuously check their methods and the results of their own scientific work for correctness. The principles also include that every researcher is honest with themselves as well as with the scientific and non-scientific community in all aspects of scientific work.

Doctoral candidates declare that they are aware of and follow the current version of the guidelines for good scientific practice at TU Dortmund University when they apply for admission.

Closely related to the rules of good research practice is the handling of questions of bias and conflicts of interest, especially regarding how doctoral committees are composed. Therefore, before submitting your dissertation, please check your suggested examination committee against the DFG's bias criteria. If potential committee members are found to be biased or have a conflict of interest, new members must be proposed. By submitting the proposal, you declare that an appropriate review has been carried out and that the proposed members are not to be considered biased or as having a conflict of interest.

Publication of the Dissertation

In addition to the requirements of the doctoral regulations for the publication of the dissertation thesis, there is also a publication support service from the University Library. There you will find detailed instructions for submitting the dissertation to the University Library and for electronic publication.