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Examinations and Recognition

On this page you will find information on examinations and the recognition of academic qualifications.

The legal basis for the recognition of examination results and other qualifications are the Recognition Regulations (in German) of December 10, 2021.

The recognition of examination results is governed by the relevant examination regulations in conjunction with the recognition regulations for bachelor's and master's degree programs of TU Dortmund University (in German) dated December 10, 2021. The regulations are the basis for recognitions from winter semester 2015/16 onwards.

The recognition procedures of the Department of Business and Economics are carried out on the basis of these regulations as follows.

1. General Points


An application is required for the recognition of examination results. This application must be addressed to the department's Examinations Office and must specify for which module / for which component the recognition is to be granted.


The application for recognition must be linked to either the commencement of studies or to the point in time in which the results were gained (for example when studying abroad). The deadline is considered to be met if the application is submitted before the start of the examination period in the semester of enrollment or in the semester of return from studying abroad.


Examination results are recognized if there is no substantial difference between the acquired competencies and the study components or courses that they are being recognized for. This is determined by comparing whether there are substantial differences in the content, scope and requirements between these elements.

The relevant subject representatives (such as professors of the applicable teaching and research area) shall be heard before a determination is made regarding non-substantial differences or equivalence.

When determining whether there are significant differences regarding the scope and requirements of the external examination results to be credited in comparison with those they are to be credited for, the scope and requirements are assessed in accordance with this  table (in German).

Excluded from Recognition

It is not possible to regonize results for an examination in which the examination procedures as outlined in the examination regulations have already begun. As soon as an examination has been attempted or been withdrawn from for a valid reason, recognition or outside results for that course/ component is no longer possible.

This does not apply to examination results that have been achieved by March 31, 2016 or, if applicable, after March 31, 2016, but which are related to a stay abroad of more than three months in the winter semester 2015/16.

2. Domestic (Change of Study Program/ Place of Study Within Germany)


Application forms are available at the department's Examinations Office. Generally, the application form is filled in during an appointment with the Examinations Office, where staff can advise students. In addition to proof of achievement for the results to be recognied (original and copy), a current enrollment certificate and, if applicable, relevant excerpts from the module handbook are required.

3. International (Recognitions based on Recognition Agreements)

Before studying abroad: regocnition agreement(s)

The recognition agreement form (in German)  is provided by the department's Examinations Office. This form must be completed in full and submitted together with documents from the university abroad (module handbook, etc.) and a certificate of study first to the examiner and then to the department's Examinations Office to be signed.

An agreement must be concluded for each examination to be recognized.

It is possible for examiners to reserve the right to check the content of courses after the semester abroad has been completed.

After studying abroad: regocnition agreement(s)

If examiners reserved the right to review course contents, the corresponding agreement must be submitted to the examiner(s) and signed again.

After studying abroad: application for recognition of results

If examiners did not reserve the right to recheck the course after the stay abroad, or approved the regocnition agreement after checking the results, students can apply for the recognition of results directly to the department's Examination Office.

The application for recognition is made by submitting the documents (recognition agreement(s), transcript of records (original and copy), documents on the course content on which the agreement(s) is/ are based, and current enrollment certificate) to the department's Examination Office.

If applying to have the results of several courses recognized, please hand in all documents together.

Additional information beyond that in the module handbook on acquiring the Business English language certificate in module 6 (examination regulations 2012/15) are summarized in a presentation (link in German).

Guideline (in German) for applying for retaking an exam a third time (4th attempt) once in accordance to §16 paragraph 1 sentence 2 Examination Regulations for the Bachelor's Degree Program in Business Administration and Economics 2015/2019.

Good research practice is strongly based in the fact that researchers continuously check their methods and the results of their own scientific work for correctness. The principles also include that every researcher is honest with themselves as well as with the scientific and non-scientific community in all aspects of scientific work.

more information and forms

Even before starting their studies, but also during the course of their studies, prospective students and students have many questions, which our Student Advisory Service is happy to help with. Answers to the most frequently asked questions have also been summarized in the FAQ overview.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the department's Management Studies and Teaching or the Examinations Office.