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Entry of Student Data

To improve communication, we ask you to enter your student ID number, TU Dortmund e-mail address and information regarding your Learning Agreement here. This is voluntary, but facilitates communication on important topics such as registering for exams.

Please enter this data only after you have received your student ID number and TU Dortmund e-mail address.

We are happy to share an overview of the courses taken by incoming students of the department. We will only share this information between students who enter the data on their courses here, and also agree to have the information regarding which courses they take shared with other incoming students from the Department of Business and Economics.

If you have any questions, please contact the Erasmus Coordinator.

Student Data

Please enter your last name(s).
Please enter your first name(s).
Please enter the TU Dortmund Student ID number you have been issues (Matrikelnummer).
Please enter your TU-Dortmund e-mail address. Please note: this is usually, not!
Please enter only courses that have been confirmed with your coordinator
Please enter any courses here for which you are still awaiting confirmation (such as seminar spaces, courses that require application at a later date).
Tick if your learning agreement is complete.
Do you have questions regarding your learning agreement?

Agree to share course list

We can share course lists among the incoming students of the Department of Business and Economics, so that students visting the same courses can find each other more easily.