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TU Dortmund University awarded

Dr. Ronald Kriedel and Prof. Andreas Liening are standing at a table. Albrecht Ehlers and Guido Baranowski sit at the table and sign contracts © Felix Schmale​/​TU Dortmund
Dr. Ronald Kriedel (Managing Director of the CET), Albrecht Ehlers (Chancellor of the TU Dortmund University and member of the board of the CET), TZDO Managing Director Guido Baranowski and Prof. Andreas Liening (member of the board of the CET) at the signing of the lease agreement (from left).

Finally we are "Exzellenz Start-up Center Dortmund, Westfälisches Ruhrgebiet & Südwestfalen"

The state government is funding the „Exzellenz Start-up Center Dortmund, Westfälisches Ruhrgebiet & Südwestfalen“. The Start-up Center will serve as a central point of contact for founders and provide coworking offices for the development of business ideas as well as for the preparation of start-ups. In addition, an open workshop with equipment and a dataspace will be set up. Suitable technology will be made available for the market-ready further development of prototypes and functional models. "Numerous qualification measures will be offered for entrepreneurship," explained Prof. Andreas Liening, who holds the professorship "Entrepreneurship and Economic Education" at the Faculty of Economics at TU Dortmund University in addition to his role as CET board member.

Minister Pinkwart stated, "Start-ups from universities are of outstanding importance for the emergence and international competitiveness of regional start-up ecosystems. I am very pleased that in this regard Dortmund is leading the way and intends to significantly increase the number of innovative and high-growth spin-offs, also by expanding the university infrastructure for start-ups."

Further information on the CET

Move to the TechnologieZentrumDortmund

At the turn of the year, the Excellence Start-up Center (ESC) and the CET will move to the TechnologieZentrumDortmund. TZDO Managing Director Guido Baranowski and the two CET board members Albrecht Ehlers, Chancellor of TU Dortmund University, and Prof. Liening signed a lease agreement to this effect at the end of September. This will create a point of contact for start-ups and transfers on the technology campus. On about 2,000 square meters, the staff of the CET and the staff of the ESC will establish comprehensive support facilities: The Maker- and Dataspace, coworking and office space as well as extensive qualification offers.