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Information on the new Information Systems study program

The Information Systems study program is set to start in the winter semester 2024/2025!

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We are pleased to announce the new Bachelor's degree program in Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik), which is scheduled to start in the coming winter semester 2024/2025. The joint study program at TU Dortmund builds a bridge between the study programs of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Business and Economics. The study program covers the following three areas in particular

  1. data management & applied artificial intelligence,
  2. business engineering & process automation, and
  3. digital transformation in business and society.

We will train experts who are able to analyze complex business challenges and master them with innovative IT solutions.

The new degree course is currently still in the accreditation phase. This is an important step to ensure the quality and value of the program and we are working hard to complete this process as quickly and smoothly as possible to launch as planned. We encourage all interested parties to visit our website regularly for the latest information on the Information Systems study program. Initial details on study content, enrollment procedures, and admission criteria will be available from May 2024. A consecutive Master's degree program will follow in winter 2025/2026.

Contact persons at the Department of Computer Science Sandra Lenz, Luise Henkel, Dean's Office

Contact persons at the Department of Business and Economics: Lisa Schned, Chair of Digital Transformation