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Publication of a study on multi-platform integration strategies

Together with colleagues, Prof. Wiesche published a study in the Information Systems Journal.

Information Systems Journal

Maximilian Schreieck, Jan Ondrus, Manuel Wiesche, and Helmut Krcmar – „A typology of multi-platform integration strategies“, publicly availabel in the  Information Systems Journal

Link to the article

The study examines how big tech companies such as Alphabet, Apple, Meta, Alibaba, and Tencent manage to successfully integrate multiple digital platforms. The authors identify and analyze four different integration strategies - collection, consolidation, symbiosis and assemblage - and provide existing examples for each strategy. Until now, the focus of platform research has mainly been on strategies for individual platforms; this study focuses on the interaction of platforms.

The Information Systems Journal is one of the most respected journals in information systems.

The article has been published Open Access. The full version can be accessed via the following link: