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Examination "Corporate Entrepreneurship" (first date/25.07.2023)

The exam review for the exam "Corporate Entrepreneurship" for all participants who did not pass in the 1st date (25.07.2023) will take place on 29.08.2023 (according to the current status in presence). All participants of the first date who did not pass the exam (i.e. no failed attempts) can register. In general, it is not possible to view failed attempts of students who did not show up, results that were cancelled/crossed out, or those who handed in blank exams. Please register by 16.08.2023,23:00, at darius.abel@tu-dortmundde. You will be informed about the time and format as well as formalities of the inspection after the end of the registration period. For all other participants, especially those with passed exams of the first date and all participants of the second date, a viewing will be offered after the 2nd date in September.