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A Visit from Israel - Lecture by Dr. Erez Yaakobi on the topic "Ostracism in the workplace

Screenshot von OnlineVortrag mit Teilnehmern (unter anderem Dr. Yaakobi und Prof. Dr. Holzmüller) © Marketing Professur​/​ TU Dortmund

Dr. Erez Yaakobi is visiting from Israel as a guest researcher. He held an interesting lecture on current research findings on exclusion in the workplace.

Under the title "Ostracism in the workplace - Individual differences and coping strategies", Dr. Erez Yaakobi from Ono Academic College, Israel, gave exciting insights into his current studies on Thursday. "Ostracism" in this context can be understood as exclusion of individuals. This exclusion can lead to high levels of negative stress in the person or persons affected, up to the intensification of suicidal thoughts. Based on a series of experiments, Dr. Yaakobi was able to demonstrate that individuals from two different cultural groups (secular vs. ultra-orthodox) react differently to exclusion and exhibit lower or higher levels of negative stress. Dr. Yaakobi's visit to the chair was made possible through ERASMUS+ staff mobility. We thank him for the inspiring lecture and look forward to continued exciting research exchanges!