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Psychological counseling of the student union

Ongoing offer of the Studierendenwerk Dortmund (from 19.04.2023 – every Wednesday)

Since May 2022, the Studierendenwerk Dortmund has offered a psychological counseling center to supplement the existing counseling services on campus for students. Counseling sessions have also been taking place there since July of last year.

The service includes individual counseling sessions and group workshops and is aimed at all students at Technische Universität Dortmund, Fachhochschule Dortmund and Fachhochschule Südwestfalen. The counseling center can be a first point of contact for students with psychological stress. Here, advice is given according to the motto “help for self-help”. Through the low-threshold and short-term offer, they want to help prevent the development of chronic problems, mental illness and serious crises. At the same time, people in acute crises are also supported and accompanied on their way to overcoming the crisis. The goal of the counseling is to strengthen the understanding of those affected of their situation and issues and to work out solutions for the various concerns.
All conversations are subject to confidentiality and are free of charge for the students.

Students can find out more about our services online ( and, if they are interested, can make an appointment for an initial consultation via the website. In addition, the counseling center can be reached via e-mail and by phone during office hours (contact information on the website).