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Our project "Stream UP" was recommended for funding!

On blue background is drawn with white lines a brain and a network is shown from white dots. © Pixabay

"Stream UP" combines the experience of small and medium-sized companies with the innovative concepts of start-ups from the field of mobility.


In the novel, supra-regional and cross-university project, forward-looking business models from the field of mobility for Dortmund and South Westphalia are being developed and advanced. The state government is funding the project as part of the "Regio.NRW - Innovation & Transfer" program for the next three years with around 1.8 million Euros. In addition to the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Economic Education/Center for Entrepreneurship & Transfer, which is in charge of the project, the FH Südwestfalen as well as the regional energgy suppliers of Menden and Arnsberg are involved in "Stream UP".

We are very much looking forward to implementing the project and thus advancing the regions of Dortmund and South Westphalia, networking them more closely and supporting innovative concepts in the field of mobility of data, goods and people.