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Judges’ Award for Accessibility Challenge received

Judges’ Award for Accessibility Challenge © https:​/​​/​​/​doi​/​10.1145​/​3587281.3588145
Judges’ Award for Accessibility Challenge

We are pleased to announce that at this year’s Web for All Conference (W4A’23) we received the judges’ award for the Accessibility Challenge with the innovative contribution “AutoChemplete - Making Chemical Structural Formulas Accessible”.

The main goal of the challenge was to promote and accelerate the development of innovative and usable technologies, and to obtain feedback from end users and experts in the field. The challenge compared and evaluated experimental systems and technologies by an independent panel of judges to identify the most significant advances in accessibility research of the year.

The judges appreciated the solution-oriented nature of our approach and the way we conducted requirements analysis, as well as tool evaluation, in addition to developing the tool.